Mining & Natural Resources

Our lawyers have extensive experience in assisting and advising clients from the mining and natural resources sector, including coal, gold, and nickel mining companies, mineral refining / processing companies, independent power plant, forestry, and also the mining services companies.

We have experience in assisting all aspects of the business, including corporate, compliance, environmental, mining rights and acquisitions, legal due diligence, contract negotiation (including coal supply/sale contract), and dispute resolution. Our lawyers are also well rounded in the relevant issues regarding mining services, ports and special terminal facilities, and hauling road construction and maintenance.


In certain projects, such as sale and purchase of shares of a mining company, we are also able to assist the client in completing the post-deal works, including filing application for approval regarding the change of shareholders to the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources. We also have established a good relationship with the relevant ministries and agencies relating to the mining and natural resources sector, which enable us to work more effective and efficient in handling the mining and natural resources works.

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